Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ephesians, Overview

Godsway 66, Book 49 - Ephesians  

Ephesians provides a broad vision for what God is doing through Jesus Christ -- nothing short of beginning a new world.  In some ways, this new world remains a mystery which is slowly being revealed to faithful Christians.

However, the reality of this new world explains the importance and the purpose of the church.  It is an outpost in this world for people who will be citizens of God's new world.  In the church, people can grow in the knowledge of God's truth and begin to live as God expects them to live in the new world -- honestly, lovingly, and peacefully.  In this new world, everyone has an important and equal place.

In the meantime, Christians need to do two main things.  They need to grow in their faith so that they live, more and more each day, as citizens who will be at home in this new world.  They do this together: encouraging each other and teaching each other when they make mistakes.  And Christians need to defend against the evil ways of this world -- not only by avoiding the sins they used to commit, but recognizing that Christians face explicit attacks from the evil forces of earth.