The centerpiece of the Godsway 66 experience is one sermon on each book of the Bible, at the conclusion of each week of scripture readings.

You can listen to audio recordings of each sermon in Godsway 66 here.

Godsway 66 - Planning and Packing
First Things (Genesis)
Behold God's Mighty Hand (Exodus)
Holy People (Leviticus)
The Complaint Department (Numbers)
With All Your Might (Deuteronomy)
... One Step Back (Joshua)
A Wondrous Jawbone (Judges)
Gaming the System (Ruth)
Kings and Princes (1 Samuel)
Bless This House (2 Samuel)
A Tale of Two Kingdoms (1 Kings)
The Decline and Fall of the House of David (2 Kings)
The Man with the Plan (1 Chronicles)
Those Who Set Their Hearts to Seek God (2 Chronicles)
A Zealous Restoration (Ezra)
Bad Habits Die Hard (Nehemiah)
For Such a Time (Esther)
Born to Suffer? (Job)
Singing God's Songs (Psalms)
Unusual, Practical Wisdom (Proverbs)
The Meaning of Life (Ecclesiastes)
The Wonder of Love (Song of Solomon)
Waiting for Renewal (Isaiah)
The Days Are Surely Coming (Jeremiah)
Accepting Punishment (Lamentations)
To Those with Hearts of Stone (Ezekiel)
The Worst Is Yet to Come (Daniel)
Lookin' for Love in All the Wrong Places (Hosea)
Awash in the Spirit (Joel)
The Pain of Ignorance (Amos)
Gloating Goeth Before the Fall (Obadiah)
The Reluctant Prophet (Jonah)
First Steps of Repentance (Micah)
The Fruits on Injustice (Nahum)
Beware False Pride (Habbakuk)
Misguided Pride (Zephaniah)
First Things First (Haggai)
Hard Is Not Impossible (Zechariah)
Robbing God (Malachi)

But I Say to You (Matthew)
Who Is This Jesus, Anyway? (Mark)
Faithful Influence (Luke)
Why Should We Believe You? (John)
From Peter to Paul (Acts of the Apostles)
A Struggle Between Life and Death (Romans)
Why Fight? You Have What You Need (1 Corinthians)
You Must Love Me (2 Corinthians)
Cut It Out (Galatians)
Citizens of the New World (Ephesians)
Jesus' Recipe for Success (Philippians)
Raised with Christ (Colossians)
Withstanding Persecution (1 Thessalonians)
Avoiding the Fires of Hell (2 Thessalonians)
The Christian Household (1 Timothy)
Good Christian Teaching (2 Timothy)
Good People Make Good Christians (Titus)
Useful (Philemon)
Jesus' Role in the New Covenant (Hebrews)
Actions Speak Louder Than Words (James)
Christian Suffering (1 Peter)
So, Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch? (2 Peter)
The Power of Love (1 John)
Antichrists (2 John)
Christians Helping Christians (3 John)
Have Mercy (Jude)
The Final Battle Between Good and Evil (Revelation)