What If You Made the Drive?

Most people love taking trips -- visiting new places or returning to sites that are memorable and meaningful.

Sometimes you can just grab an overnight bag and head out the door, but usually a trip takes a lot of planning.  There are vacation schedules to be negotiated, reservations to be made, travel sites to be read, and money to be saved.

The effort and expense are usually worth the memories that we make on such trips -- of both the places we visit and the people we travel with.

Godsway 66 offers a trip through the Bible.  We will visit long-cherished stories and discover new (or long-forgotten) ones.  There won't be time to see or explore everything, but there will be time to gain an appreciation of each of the 66 books that make up the Christian Bible.

The planning has been done for you and the reservations are already made -- just consider us your travel agent.  Daily readings will be posted for each book, pointing out some of the stories and teachings that are most important.  Recordings of the sermon preached on each book will be posted here, as well.

How much time and energy are you willing to invest to explore the Bible?  If you read two chapters each day, what would you see?  If you made time to listen to a sermon each week, what would you learn?  Sign up to receive daily emails when each new resource is posted on this website.  Like Godsway 66 on Facebook to get reminders there.

And... share this trip with others.  You can participate in the online discussion on the Facebook page.  Tweet about your experiences, using the hashtag #godsway66.  Invite others to make this commitment with you, to read and listen to these resources together.  If you learn something exciting or discover something new, tell someone -- your spouse, your friend, your neighbor.

Who knows what we'll see?  Some days may seem long or unnecessary, but we've all had such days on the trips we've taken.  Some days will amaze us, and we'll never forget them.  And a few days... well, they may just change our lives.

What if you made the drive?