Friday, January 30, 2015

Nehemiah, Day 5 Readings

Nehemiah Must Stop Backsliding  

Today's reading describes how the Israelites initially were good about tithing.  However, this behavior quickly lapsed and bad habits resumed, especially when Nehemiah left Jerusalem to visit King Artaxerxes.  When he returned, he discovered that Temple workers hadn't been paid and many were breaking the sabbath.  Quickly, he put a stop to these habits that had been learned in exile, including the marrying of foreigners, which had been acceptable in Babylon, but not upon the return to Jerusalem.

Read Nehemiah 12:44-13:31  (NIV)   (NRSV)   (CEB)
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Reading the Bible in Its Entirety

If you are planning to read the Bible in its entirety, you should read Nehemiah 11-13 today.