Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sermon- "Good Christian Teaching" (2 Timothy)

On Sunday, Rev. Joshua Patty preached on the second letter to the Timothy.  This letter, addressed to Timothy, the young co-worker of Paul, offers encouragement to those who will follow in Paul's footsteps.

The letter stresses the need for good teaching about the meaning of Jesus' life and death for those who follow him.  It can be easy for people to get distracted by unimportant controversies or for them to look for popular answers in challenging times.  Instead, people need to consistently teach about the need for sacrifice and love in the face of persecution, just as Paul did in his own ministry.

While this letter is often seen as a passing of the torch from one pastor to another, it can be an encouragement for all Christians.  Those who are followers of Jesus have an important role in sharing the gospel and teaching others about Jesus through their words and actions.

Click here to listen to the sermon.

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