Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Obadiah, Day 1 Readings

Punishment for Edom  

Today's reading is the opening of Obadiah, the short prophecy of punishment for Edom.  This neighboring country of Judah had a long contentious relationship -- beginning with its refusal to allow Moses and the Hebrews to pass through the country during the Exodus.

More recently, they had allied with the Babylonians.  Evidently, they participated in the capture and destruction of Jerusalem.  Due to this, they received special condemnation, including this prophecy of destruction.

Read Obadiah 1:1-4  (NIV)   (NRSV)   (CEB)
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Reading the Bible in Its Entirety

If you are planning to read the Bible in its entirety, you should read Obadiah 1:1-4 today.