Friday, March 4, 2016

2 Thessalonians, Day 4

A Day to Catch Up  

If you've had a busy week, today you have a chance to play catch up on any of the selections of 2 Thessalonians you might have missed.  Click to open the information for any of this week's readings.

Share Your Thoughts

A good way to remember something you've recently read or done is to talk about it or to write it down.  Take a few minutes to think about this week's Bible readings.
  • If you like to journal, reflect on the passage that surprised you the most or the one that was the most emotional to read.
  • Talk to a family member, friend, or neighbor about something you've read this week.
  • Join the discussion of the Godsway 66 Facebook page.

Get Ready for Sunday's Sermon

Rev. Joshua Patty will preach on 2 Thessalonians on Sunday at Eastgate Christian Church in Independence, MO.  Join us for the sermon or check back here for the recorded sermon.