Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sermon - "Faithful Influence" (Luke)

Last week, Rev. Joshua Patty preached on the Gospel of Luke.  Luke, which along with Acts is a two-volume history of the early church, is focused on showing how the Holy Spirit inspires and empowers Jesus and his disciples.

The Holy Spirit consistently confounds expectations, especially those of religious leaders.  Sometimes, despite their closeness to it, it even surprises the disciples.  This is most obvious when the issue of status arises among people of faith.  Frequently, Jews and Christians try to do things that make God favor them even more than other people of faith.   Consistently, Jesus teaches that this is not how it works -- all of the faithful are equal in God's eyes.

Even today, this can be a challenge for us to understand.  Sometimes we also want to be seen by God as better than our neighbors.  The message of Luke is clear and consistent, though: this is not how God looks at us.

Click here to listen to the sermon.

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