Wednesday, November 11, 2015

John, Day 3 Readings

The Gift of Sight & The Resurrection of Lazarus  

Today's first reading is an extended consideration of Jesus' healing of a blind man.  In this story we find the great line, immortalized in "Amazing Grace": "I once was blind but now I see."  The Pharisees investigate this miracle, unable to understand (again) why Jesus would heal on the Sabbath.  They insist on questioning Jesus' sinfulness (as opposed to faithfulness), but the healed man repeatedly talks about the difference between blindness and sight.  The implication seems to be that only those who have spiritual sight -- to appreciate who Jesus is -- can be faithful to God.

Read John 9:1-41  (NIV)   (NRSV)   (CEB)
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The second reading tells of Jesus' greatest sign in John -- the resurrection of Lazarus, one of his disciples.  Hearing that Lazarus has died, Jesus travels to his home and meets with his sisters and friends.  While these people are distraught, they believe that Lazarus will have eternal life in heaven, but Jesus plans to restore him to life on earth.  However, Jesus is moved by their sadness and when they tell him to "come and see" where Lazarus is buried (an invitation that Jesus makes to his disciples repeatedly), he weeps.  Then he calls the dead man from the tomb, and Lazarus emerges.

According to John, this dramatic miracle is the final straw for the Pharisees.  From this point, they seek to have Jesus killed.

Read John 11:1-57  (NIV)   (NRSV)   (CEB)
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Reading the Bible in Its Entirety

If you are planning to read the Bible in its entirety, you should read John 9-12 today.