Monday, May 9, 2016

2 Peter, Overview

Godsway 66, Book 61 - 2 Peter

2 Peter is the second of two letters in the New Testament ascribed to the apostle Peter.  This letter focuses on what constitutes good and faithful teaching in contrast to bad Christian teaching that leads people away from following Jesus.

The heart of the letter excoriates such bad teachers as being guided merely by their own vanity and greed, rather than by faith.  These false teachers and false prophets will be punished by God for their actions, just as God harshly punished others centuries ago.

The main hope of the letter, though, is for Christians to understand that good teaching isn't about unraveling mysteries.  The Holy Spirit has provided the church with plenty of knowledge through prophecy and the life and example of Jesus.  Instead, people need to simply live out this knowledge in faithful and ultimately loving ways, persevering in their faith.