Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sermon - "Raised with Christ" (Colossians)

Last Sunday, Rev. Joshua Patty preached on the letter to the Colossians, which attempts to briefly explain the entire meaning of Christ for the church.  Essentially, Jesus represents the completion of God's creation -- the person who best represents God's hopes and expectations for how the created beings would live together.

This perspective allows Christians to recognize and distinguish the things around them which are part of the imperfect existence of this world and the things which are related to the fullness of God's intended creation.  In doing so, people of faith can live into their Christian identity by acting on a higher level like Jesus -- a metaphorical understanding of being raised up before the permanent resurrection.  The challenge, of course, is that many people -- and even our own impulses -- encourage us to behave in lesser ways.

Click here to listen to the sermon.

You can also listen to the related Communion meditation and the closing benediction.